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Reflection Required

Monday was my first day back after a four day vacation. I must confess, I am not good at taking vacations. For the first two days I didn’t even know I was on vacation. I kept answering emails, taking calls, and reviewing work. Somewhere around day three, I notice that I am in a new place. The sun is shining. The water is sparkling. People around me are walking, riding bikes, sitting on their beach chair. Hm ...

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Serving Delivers Superior Results

Here is a question I love to answer. Does servant leadership deliver SUPERIOR financial performance results? The answer: Unequivocally YES. The reason I love this question is that I meet skeptic after skeptic that cannot follow this logic. It is not plausible that you could serve the people you lead AND deliver superior financial performance. This is a deep-rooted objection that is embedded in much of our t ...

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Practice Makes Perfect

"It is easy to play any musical instrument:  all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself." - Composer, J.S. Bach One day I was in a Popeyes restaurant observing a busy lunch hour in a high volume restaurant. Despite the flood of urgent, hungry guests, the crew in this restaurant was getting the food out, on time and with a smile. It was like watching an or ...

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